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Week 6 Analysis

Week 6 Analysis

Submitted by • March 12, 2019

In the wake of failing USA strategy and increasing ISIS global threat, there seems to have a growing global resolve to unite against the group. The resolve is seeing countries such as Turkey, which has been reluctant to fight the group offering international commitment. For example, Turkey agreed to offer the US the Incirlik base to conduct airstrikes against IS in Syria. Previously, Turkey has been avoiding active participation in the war because it is wary of avoiding Kurdish forces and also fear jihadists could launch revenge attacks inside the Turkey. Additionally, the USA is seeking active support from Gulf partners to counter radicalization and the spread of ISIS ideologies. For example, US has collaborated with Saudi Arabia to establish a counter-radicalization program in the region. The USA is also increasing its airstrike in Syria and working to improve the moral of the Iraq military.

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