3 Steps Of Your Journey To The Cloud – Pharmacy Business

Over the past 12 months, the acceleration in digital transformation that has taken place throughout the NHS has challenged perceptions and addressed many legacy technology constraints. The use of the cloud, for example, allowing for anytime, anywhere access to shared patient records has been essential in supporting Covid-19 vaccination clinics and pharmacy operations.

Digitisation of services is now a priority and is transforming the way services are developed and implemented. The NHS now has a ‘Cloud First’ strategy – which means digital services should transfer to the cloud (hosted in the UK) ‘unless there is a clear reason not to do so’. The goal is evident – public cloud services not only change the pace with which new services can be deployed and ensure they can be quickly scaled up in line with demand, they also offer the availability and accessibility essential for the federated delivery of healthcare and community services that underpin NHS strategy.

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