5 tips to create a B2B whitepaper content marketing strategy

5 tips to create a B2B whitepaper content marketing strategy

I hate it when mid-sized companies keep talking about creating viral content as part of their B2B content marketing strategy. Why? Because:

Your audience does not comprise of the same TG that buys Cadbury chocolates, Honda cars or Samsung mobilesYou don’t have that kind of money to experiment.

Viral content cannot work for a niche audience. It has to cater to a large cross section of the society. Also, when your purse strings are drawn tight, you cannot experiment with content in the hope to get it viral. Instead, you must choose your next steps wisely (and economically). Enter white papers.

This is a white paper

These are examples of white papers

White papers for B2B content marketing? But how?

If I have to idiot-proof it, here’s how: Your customers big people. They intelligent. They no care about viral content. They want information. Give them white papers.

I hope that was enough to convince you. If not, contact Spacebar and we’ll explain the whole concept to you. And I’ll be nicer in person, I promise.

Okay, white papers are important. What next?

Great, so you’re on board. The next step is to create a strategy (didn’t see that coming, did you?). And keeping in line with the title of this post, here are some tips to help you do just that.

1. Identify your business need

Like any other strategy, the white paper strategy must align with some objectives – in this case, your sales/ marketing plans. Draw up some objectives. Are you planning to aggressively market a particular product or service whose concept your customers would need help understanding? Or do you want to showcase all the amazing new ideas and use cases being generated by your R&D team? Or maybe you want to build a community of like-minded people from your industry? Whatever it is, identify the need and use that as a starting point.

2. Study the market

What are your competitors doing? If nobody is doing it in your geography,