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About J&F Mannequin head

About J&F Mannequin head

Submitted by • April 14, 2020

Relying on its strong corporate strength, J&F Modeling Props has produced high-quality clothing models, models, and teaching hair. In the user satisfaction evaluation, it has been rated the best model props product.

The company's main mannequins are divided into 3 materials: FRP, PVC, PE. The biggest advantage of FRP is that it is bright because it is painted. And its texture is hard and will not be shaped. It also has the biggest disadvantage of being fragile. The mannequin head made of PVC is a tall product that solves the biggest shortcomings of FRP and is not fragile. The PVC material can be produced in batches, which reduces the cost and is the most cost-effective. The new PE material has further reduced production costs and is very popular in the African market.

Fine hair model props are first-class manufacturers in the industry, mass production, low cost, factory direct sales, first-hand supply.

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