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Absorption Chillers Market Growth 2020-2025

Absorption Chillers Market Growth 2020-2025

Submitted by • September 28, 2020

Absorption chillers are refrigerators which deploy a heat source to generate enough energy required to drive the cooling process and are used mainly in food storage and air conditioning. Generally, absorption chillers use waste heat from turbine or water heater to generate energy. These chillers use a refrigerant with low boiling points such as ammonia and lithium bromide. There are three phases of the chilling cycle namely evaporation, absorption and regeneration. Absorption chillers are used in domestic, commercial as well as industrial sector. Absorption chillers drive the cooling process using several amount of energy sources such as gas, water or electricity. Owing to the low operational costs, absorption chillers are popularly used in educational institutions, hotels, hospitals, food trucks etc.

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