Akshay Kumar’s Controversial Comment on Twinkle Khanna’s Breastfeeding Sparks Debate
Akshay Kumar’s controversial remarks about Twinkle Khanna’s breastfeeding ignite a heated debate, stirring discussion on social media and beyond.
Introduction: Unveiling Akshay Kumar’s Controversial Remark

In a recent interview, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar stirred up a storm with his comments on wife Twinkle Khanna’s breastfeeding journey with their son, Aarav. The actor’s statement, where he humorously likened his wife’s transition from a “hot chick” to a “cow” while breastfeeding, has ignited a heated debate on social media and beyond.

The Controversy Unveiled: Akshay Kumar’s Remark on Twinkle Khanna

During a candid conversation, Akshay Kumar shed light on the realities of parenthood, unveiling personal anecdotes that left many surprised. However, it was his reference to Twinkle Khanna’s breastfeeding experience that grabbed headlines. In a moment of jest, Kumar compared his wife’s nurturing act to that of a cow, sparking both laughter and criticism.

Impact on Social Media: Reactions Pour In

Following the interview’s release, social media platforms witnessed a flurry of reactions. While some found Kumar’s comment amusing and relatable, others condemned it as insensitive and disrespectful. The controversy quickly snowballed, with netizens expressing diverse viewpoints on the matter.

Debate on Parenthood and Gender Roles

At the heart of the controversy lies a broader discourse on parenthood and gender roles. Kumar’s remark, albeit intended as a lighthearted joke, has reignited discussions on the societal expectations placed on mothers and fathers. The incident prompted many to reflect on the language used to describe motherhood and the underlying stereotypes it perpetuates.

Support for Twinkle Khanna: Advocates Speak Out

In the wake of the controversy, several voices emerged in support of Twinkle Khanna. Advocates emphasised the importance of normalising breastfeeding and c