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Android 9 Pie: Android is getting yummier than ever

Android 9 Pie: Android is getting yummier than ever

Submitted by • April 15, 2019

And its finally official, Google has announced that Android 9 is going to be called Android Pie which is a sweet delight for all the Android users. Along with that it is also starts rolling out to the Pixel and Pixel 2 phones and essentials, so if you own this device you can start looking at the update section. So let’s look over all the features it brings to the table including a new navigation system and app overview, better notification and handling and much more. On top of everything Android Pie harnesses the power of machine learning which make your phone smarter, more simpler which can adapt as per your usage patterns and behavior with the phone, isn’t it cool !!

Talking about the visual changes, it completely revamped the entire navigation system and you will notice a visual refresh in its core material design with rounded corners and design being on the flatter side. Along with that it now introduces a single button navigation gesture which is part of the navigation system.

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