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Chemsino Firm is a leading manufacturer and supplier in China We specialize in producing high-quality food additives for customers. Our primary focus is food emulsifiers, food preservatives, food thickeners,... Read More

About CHEMSINO With the mission of making food different, Henan Chemsino Industry Co., Ltd (Chemsino) has built factory and focused on the manufacturing, developing and distributing for food ingredients since 1997... Read More

There are various crystal forms of fat crystals, among which the β-crystal form is more common and stable. Because of the large crystal particles and high melting point, it is... Read More

The emulsifier used in the ice cream processing can improve the surface tension of various substances in the ice cream, and can stably and evenly disperse the fat in the... Read More

Emulsifiers including monoglycerides and diglycerides are commonly used in the production of shortenings. When the shortening is used in batter-based products, emulsifiers will help with the dispersion of the shortening... Read More

Emulsifiers play an important role in the production of margarine. With the right choice of emulsifiers, the quality of your margarine will be stable and smooth. Different emulsifiers can have... Read More

Emulsifier is a surface active ingredient due to its hydrophilic and lipophilic properties. It is located at the interface of the oil globule and the slurry after interacting with the... Read More

Emulsifiers are mandatory to be used in the production of coffee mate, generally using DMG (mono- and diglycerides), Span 60, sodium stearyl lactylate, etc. The use of a single emulsifier... Read More

Emulsifiers can form a compound with starch and protein as edible thickener, with good water retention in cake production, which can make the cake to be stored in the electric... Read More

What does emulsifier do in bread improver? Emulsifiers such as DATEM (E472e), monoglyceride (E471) and calcium stearoyl lactylate (CSL, or E482) have a positive effect on the processing quality, floury texture... Read More