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Anti Fungal Mouthwash | ICPA Health Products Ltd.

Introducing ICPA Hexidine 80 ml. Anti fungal mouthwash. It belongs to the class of medication called oral antiseptic and disinfectant agents used to treat mouth infections, mouth ulcers, and gum... Read More

Heximetro 15ml – Metrogyl Gel for Teeth

ICPA Heximetro Metrogyl gel for Teeth is a combination medicine in the form of an antiseptic mouth gel used to treat mouth ulcers. This gel promotes the healing of mouth... Read More

Xicaine Vials – Anesthesia Injection | ICPA Health Products Ltd.

ICPA Xicaine Vials is a combination medicine used for local anaesthesia Injection. It blocks pain signals from the nerves to the brain thereby decreasing the sensation of pain. Xicaine Injection... Read More

Mucosal Pain Relief | ICPA Health Products Ltd.

Introducing ICPA Mucopain Local Anesthesia Gel is used as local anaesthesia to numb the tissues in a specific area. It is used in the short term to relieve pain from... Read More

Thermoseal Repair Toothpaste | ICPA Health Products Ltd.

ICPA Thermoseal Repair Toothpaste 100gm is used to prevent and treat dental cavities, decay, and gum inflammation. It is also used to treat and prevent dental hypersensitivity. You can use... Read More