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Mammography Test Centre Near Me in Delhi NCR

Mammography test is a breast X-Ray scan that helps in determine breast cancer. Women after the age of 40 must go for a mammography test once in a year to... Read More

Neurological Test – Janta X-Ray Clinic

A Neurological test is the diagnostic tests recommended to determine the nerve functions of the body. NCV test is the most common type of test which is done by Janta... Read More

Bone Density Test Price in Delhi NCR

Dual Energy X-Ray absorptiometry (Dexa) scan word with two different levels of energy. it measures bone mineral density level of your bone, Janta X-Ray clinic is providing DEXA scan near... Read More

2d echo test price in Delhi – Janta X-Ray

2D Echocardiography is a test in which an ultrasound wave creates pictures of the heart. It creates a detailed report of the heartbeat, chambers, valves, and blood vessels of the... Read More

CBCT Scan near Me – Janta X-Ray Clinic

CBCT Scan Stands for Cone-beam computed tomography. CBCT Scan is used by dental professionals that capture images in a cone-shaped of using an X-ray beam. Day to day CBCT has... Read More

Diagnostic centre & pathology Lab in Delhi NCR

Janta X-Ray is the best Diagnostic centre & pathology Lab in Delhi NCR who stands for providing high quality Diagnostic services at their branches. We have caring nature and supportive... Read More

MRI Scan price in Delhi NCR Janta X-Ray

MRI Scan reveals the disease by using the strong magnetic fields to generate images of the organs in the body. At Janta X Ray patient finds the best MRI Scan... Read More

CT Scan centre in Delhi NCR Janta X Ray Clinic

A Computerized Tomography Scan is a painless procedure that produces a detailed image of human internal organs that help in diagnosis. Finding the best CT Scan centre in Delhi NCR... Read More

X Ray centre near me in Delhi NCR

Medical x-rays are used to generate images of tissues and internal structures of the body, commonly used to examine bone fractures and soft tissues such as organs of the human... Read More

Janta X-Ray Clinic is a unique concept based ultrasound scan centre in Delhi. It is a world-class diagnostic centre that is providing its best services to diagnose a patient with... Read More