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A persistent illness known as interstitial cystitis causes bladder pressure, bladder pain, and occasionally pelvic pain. Mild discomfort and severe agony are all possible levels of pain. The condition belongs... Read More

The removal of your gallbladder, a pear-shaped organ that is located immediately below your liver on the upper right side of your belly, requires a surgical procedure called a cholecystectomy.... Read More

A learning impairment (LD) is a chronic neurological condition that can range in severity from mild to severe. It impairs a person's capacity to talk, listen, read, write, or perform... Read More

The most distinguishing feature of rubella, a common viral illness, is its red rash. German measles and three-day measles are other names for it. Most people may only experience minor... Read More

A prolonged loss of consciousness is known as a coma. It can be caused by a number of things, such as a brain tumor, stroke, severe head injury, or drug... Read More

The term "motor neurone disease" (MND) refers to a variety of illnesses. Motor nerves, sometimes referred to as motor neurons, are affected by several disorders. These neurons deteriorate and pass... Read More