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Know About Mr. Zagros Franchises

Mr. Zagros is a fast-food chain company located in Canada serving at multiple locations. Mr. Zagros’s menu includes shawarma, hummus, Fries, salads, shish, baklava, kunefe, döner, and many more. We... Read More

The chicken is delicate, and the flavor is heavenly. There were no bad things to say and out of five pounds of a blend of bosom and thighs, there was... Read More

This restaurant/bistro is perfect, present-day, and has an incredible menu of new halal food and beverages accessible. There's a choice of works of art for Breakfast, Appetizers, Salads, Main course,... Read More

What does dessert mean?-mr-zagros

What is the difference between sweet and dessert? The most essential contrast between desserts and sweets is the manner in which they must be introduced and eaten. Confections can be eaten... Read More

What are appetizers for-mr zagros

Usually, an appetizer is a small serving of food — just a few bites — meant to be eaten before an entrée, and often shared by several people. halal Food... Read More

Halal Food Trends in 2021-mr zagros

There is no doubt in saying that the Halal Food industry is growing and flourishing rapidly across the globe. Researchers say that by 2024, this industry is destined to reach... Read More

Halal is an Arabic word that means ‘permissible or lawful’. The term is widely used in religion Islam and its dietary laws and is specifically related to meat products processed... Read More

A large number of people today prefer eating halal food despite being Non-Muslim. This is because of the fact that halal has many health benefits and is hygienic. What is... Read More

Why do Muslims eat halal food?

Word ‘Muslim’ relates to the people who follow or practice religion, Islam. Word comes from Arabic meaning submitter (to Almighty Allah). Muslims take their guidance from the holy book “Quran”... Read More

Doner kebab, or shawarma, is quite possibly the most famous street food sources in the world. It is believed to be originated from Turkey. The Ottoman Empire designed the cooking... Read More