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Lean Process Improvement training will give your team the tools and strategies they need to adopt lean principles throughout your company.... Read More

Continuous Improvement Training: The basic concept of 5S & how it may be utilized to launch & maintain continuous improvement in the workplace... Read More

The Sustainability Leadership and Change Management - Top Management course is designed for senior executives and top-tier leaders.... Read More

Managing Hazards in Fast-Changing Work Processes course used to identify, assess, and mitigate hazards in fast-paced work processes.... Read More

Merging Sustainability with OHS course offers a comprehensive exploration of the critical intersection between sustainability & OHS.... Read More

QES Academy offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in Risk Assessment Training in Singapore. 50% UTAP grant supported.... Read More

Waste Management Course - Biomedical Labs, teaches principles of effective waste management & decontamination procedures in biomedical labs.... Read More

The ergonomics and Human Factors at Work course provides skills on how to identify and address ergonomic issues in the workplace.... Read More

Confined Space Rescue Training provides an understanding of the risks involved which makes working in confined spaces, tanks & containers.... Read More

WSH Risk Management Training provides knowledge and skills for the organization to reduce risks at the workplace. 50% UTAP grant supported... Read More