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The Permanent Directions of a 2 Carat Blue Sapphire

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Choosing the Ideal 4 Carat Red Coral

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A 2-carat Cat's Eye Stone with a Symphony of Colour

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The Amazing Colour Spectrum of the Emerald

A one-carat emerald's colour is what makes it unique. The most sought-after stones have a vivid, rich green colour that is sometimes referred to as "Colombia green," named after the... Read More

4 Red Coral Side Effects That Can Have a Negative Impact

Red coral is associated with the planet Mars and is also known as Laal moonga in Hindi. Since ancient times, people have utilised this crimson gemstone as a possible talisman.... Read More

5 Benefits of wearing emerald in ring finger. A Detailed Guide

In Hindi, emerald stone is referred to as Panna. In astrology, Benefits of wearing emerald in ring finger, it's regarded as one of the most potent gemstones. Mercury, the planet... Read More

Ideal Kanya Rashi Stone Colour That Brings Luck

People with the Kanya rashi are people who were born between August 23 and September 22.The Colour of the Kanya Rashi Stone Colour That Brings Luck Mercury is the planet... Read More

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