Axpert-OPTI torque Series Soft Starter

Axpert-OPTI torque Series Electronic Soft Starter is a modern Digital Signal Processor based highly functional Soft Starter that is easy to use. Six thyristors are used in back to back connection. The control board uses 32-bit High-Performance Digital Signal Processor and generates the necessary gate pulses for Soft Starter operation. It accepts various inputs from different circuits and Digital Operation Panel (LCD Keypad Module) to generate the necessary control and gate signals. The unit is equipped with Digital Operation Panel (LCD Keypad Module) for the user interface.

It has 32-bit ARM controller. All parameters of Soft Starter can be accessed from Digital Operation Panel. The Digital Operation Panel consists of LCD display Board and 8-key keypad.


30 kW (40 HP) to 900 kW (1200 HP)

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