ayurvedic treatment for hair loss in chennai

Faulty dietary habits, lifestyle and stressful living, inappropriate nutrition or exasperating factors leads to depletion of function of hair root. In Shodhna chikitsha, Nasya is the first choice of treatment inAyurvedic treatment for hair loss Khalitya which have Doshagna property, pacify the Doshas which cause the Khalitya. Nasya clears the obstruction of the hair roots by its Sookshma srotogaami property leading to the Roma koopa vishodhana. The leech therapy, Prachhana and Shuchi karma also clears the obstruction of the hair roots. The Virechana karma is a specific process for elimination of Pitta Dosha which is Pradhan dosha of Khalitya. This process is also useful for elimination of Vata along with Kapha Dosha.

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