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Best Apps for Identifying Plants for Android and iPhone

Best Apps for Identifying Plants for Android and iPhone

Submitted by • July 28, 2020

Suppose you are in a hill station and you see a beautiful flower. But now you want to know which flower it is. How would you do that? Well, did you know there are apps that can let you find out the name of flowers as well as plants just through their pictures? You are amazed, right!

There are a couple of apps but the best out of them are Google Lens and Bing. Not just plants and flowers, they can also find out products, books, and places. We have a guide for you about how to use Bing and Google Lens as well as some other plant identifying apps.

Bing Search

Bing is not as popular as Google, but its mobile app works amazingly to identify flora. The Bing app’s home page has a big search button with a camera icon and a mic icon. Click on the camera icon for the camera search. Now focus your camera towards the flower and click a picture. You also have the option to import the picture from your phones’ camera. Now Bing will do its work and show you three results with similar images.

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