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Best SEO Company In Pune”>

Best SEO Company In Pune”>

Submitted by • May 17, 2018

SEO depends on the search query that users make. The works we enter into a search engine is broken down into keywords. The relevance of content or a website is determined by the similarity between the entered keyword and the words present in the content. If the keywords you have entered is identical to the works or string of text presenting the website, then the article gets that much more relevance and will be ranked accordingly on the search results page.

Search engines read through the entirety of the content on a website to determine its relevance. The keywords present in the content is the deciding factor when it comes to ranking them. Also, a great amount of emphasis is given to original and unique contents. If the content you post is a spin-off version or if it’s highly plagiarized, then the search engines will de-index the site and regard it as irrelevant. That is why the emphasis is given to original content when posting it online, spinning off contents will surely render you

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