Boutique Hotel in Udaipur, Luxury Stay in Udaipur

A Boutique Hotel in Udaipur, certainly one of the hidden gems of the City, is located at the central part of the beautiful City of Udaipur which is known for its rich history, cultural heritage and breathtaking landscape.The comfort and luxury that fills every corner of The Boutique Hotel in Udaipur is due to the effort that has been made during its construction.You will find traditional Rajasthani beauties mixed with modern convenience at The Luxury Stay in Udaipur which is a masterwork in itself when it comes to construction and design. Part of what makes the room so lavish is everything inside it from the stunning wall art pieces all around to the expertly crafted pieces of furniture used in all rooms. Therefore, don't waste any time but join us here and travel back into centuries gone by when things were splendid and elegant; experience true class at The Luxury Stay in Udaipur.