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One of the most popular and wildly used oil benchmarks, Brent crude oil, is a form of light sweet oil which has low-sulphur and is refined in the north sea of northwest Europe. Brent crude oil is easy to transport and are best suited for refining diesel, gasoline and other products which only requires middle distillates, and because of these features, Brent is widely popular in the global market with two-third of the crude contracts in the international market referenced to it.

Brent crude oil is traded as oil future contracts in which two parties agree to exchange a fixed amount of oil at a pre-defined price on or before a fixed date. This is the most common ways to trade crude oil. The Brent crude oil futures contracts are listed on the ICE Europe exchange. Commodities trading have become a very popular market for traders as it offers traders to befit from price movements of the commodity or act as hedge currency depreciation.

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