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Causing Chronic Disease

Causing Chronic Disease

Submitted by • March 25, 2013

To see a better society everyone must be honest, follow all rules should take care of one’s family lot of parents have been working day and night they left their children at home ,neglecting them, giving them to the nannies to provide for them. They may be soon get into some bad company and even start to commit crime and get addicted to bad habits ,committing crime like robbery and even kill someone .if their parents don’t stop what they are doing and look back ,their children would be going to a path of no return So, always prevention is better than cure. . This is all because of unbalanced life again this is life cycle so be good do good follow good things what suits you better to lead a good life in a good society take care of your family and yourself.

“There is a saying charity begins at home “, start worth do good to be good.So, prevention is always better than cure. . . .

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