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Challenging Stereotypes :The Red Wrath,Soviet-Afghan relations

Challenging Stereotypes :The Red Wrath,Soviet-Afghan relations

Submitted by • October 15, 2012

Today several Afghan writers battle the etched stereotypes amid the pandemonium and the lunacy of a raging war, gruesome tales, and bearded men and burqa-clad women in the Afghan society. Most of their tales are based on their first-hand experiences in and from Afghanistan and the Afghan diaspora worldwide. And stereotypes are usually false perceptions and apathy seen through the eyes of those who have not treaded into the region. Hani Yousuf, a South-Asian journalist in her article Progressive Prejudice relates her experiences in Berlin where people stereotyped others as ‘Muslim women’ and ‘Muslim world’. Once while she tried to explain to a woman that people respected her back at home in Pakistan, the response from the latter was, ‘Respect. You call walking three steps behind a man respect’?

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