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Choked Netflix Review

Choked Netflix Review

Submitted by • June 6, 2020

The story of Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai is alright. It is simple and easily identifiable. The backdrop of demonetization is what adds intrigue to the straightforward plot. As that is revealed through the trailer and before the movie itself, there is no surprise in it. Its usage is not the problem, instead of how it is brought into the narrative. The initial establishment of the setting and the various characters of the world is where Choked falters. Yes, it is real, and the lingo and language are realistically captured, but the whole thing comes across very mundane and lacks the attention-grabbing effect. The narrative moves meanderingly from one point to other until the demonetization angle sets in. As said above, because we know beforehand about the particular plot detail, there is restless waiting for the story to kick off with its introduction.

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