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Diabetes Foot Care:  Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes  Centre

Diabetes Foot Care: Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Centre

Submitted by • July 9, 2020

Foot examination

A routine foot examination to check for early symptoms of neuropathy (a condition where the nerves get affected), ischemia (reduced blood supply), deformities in the foot, callus formations resulting from neuropathy and infection and necrosis is done at the Foot Clinic of Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre.


Biothesiometer helps to detect and quantify loss of foot sensation in patients with diabetes.


Doppler helps in detection of decreased blood circulation in the foot(ischaemia).

Foot pressure distribution measurement

Foot pressure distribution measurement system is used for measuring the pressures in regions of the foot that are prone to getting calluses and corns. This instrument is also used for designing special diabetic footwear that effectively redistributes the pressures, thereby preventing the formation of calluses and corns.

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