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Discuss the Pathophysiology of Celiac Disease

Discuss the Pathophysiology of Celiac Disease

Submitted by • October 1, 2018

a. Introduction of disease ? 20 points/20% One paragraph (approximately 200 words) Includes disease description Includes epidemiology of disease b. Etiology and risk factors ? 20 points/20% Common causes of the disease or condition Risk factors for the disease or condition Impact of age Prevalence based on gender, Influence of environment Genetic basis of disease Lifestyle influences All information supported by current literature c. Pathophysiological processes ? 20 points/20% Describes changes occurring at the cellular, tissue, and/or organ level that contribute to the disease process. Describes adaptation of the cells and body in response to the disease. Relates disease processes to manifested signs and symptoms. d. Clinical manifestations and complications ? 20 points/20% Describes the physical signs and symptoms that are important in considering the presence of the disease. Identifies signs that contribute to diagnosis of the condition Identifies symptoms that contribute to diag

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