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Echemi’s credit report

Echemi’s credit report

Submitted by • September 24, 2020

The company's credit investigation report is provided by Echemi and SINOSURE. SINOSURE conducts forensic analysis on the registered capital, share structure, management information, operating status, risk information and credit status of the target company through on-site investigations, background investigations, and online and offline verification by overseas credit bureaus. In this way, you can evaluate the credit of all aspects of the company and make a complete credit report. This service can help Chinese suppliers avoid trade risks and make the right choice. He has two types of services, target company credit assessment and export restriction application. In addition, the credit investigation report can help you check potential legally feasible customers and avoid potential risks; fully understand the credit status of new customers and follow up the credit changes of existing customers; show the supplier's credit status to the buyer and show the buyer Show your credibility; under

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