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Ed Tech Apps – What You Can Expect by 2025

Ed Tech Apps – What You Can Expect by 2025

Submitted by • September 30, 2020

Education is the backbone of a country’s workforce development and overall economic growth and prosperity. And today, the education sector stands the cusp of a digital revolution, thanks to technology. Although eLearning and mobile learning (mLearning) were present in the background for a long time now, the ongoing pandemic has pushed the entire world’s education system into an indefinite remote learning experiment.

The World Economic Forum states that as per the latest UNESCO stats, nearly “1.3 billion learners around the world were not able to attend school or university as of March 23, 2020.”

COVID-19 Staggering Impact on global Education
The COVID-19 pandemic not only wreaked havoc on the healthcare and economic infrastructures of over 200 countries, but it also left global education into a state of disarray. However, this presents an excellent opportunity for the Edtech industry. It’s no wonder why VCs are increasingly investing in Edtech startups and Edtech app development!

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