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Fintech App Development Cost Including Advanced Features

Fintech App Development Cost Including Advanced Features

Submitted by • November 18, 2020

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Fintech App Development?

If you are planning to start a FinTech business, then a professional advisor is one of the basic and important resources you should have to advise your customers. But having a professional advisor onboard costs a lot of money. If your business decides to outsource multiple business processes of the FinTech start-up, then it could end up costing less, but the cost will remain significant.

But if we talk about the Robo-advisor for the industry, Wealth-front will cost only around $500. The major benefit of integrating Robo-advisor is that it works with the highest accuracy rate and around the clock. Moreover, if you can build your own Robo-advisor for integrating into your FinTech app, it will be more cost-effective for you. Here at Nimble AppGenie, our developers can develop dedicated Robo-advisor for your FinTech app.

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