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Five dishes to eat in Amritsar by One Earth Hotels

Five dishes to eat in Amritsar by One Earth Hotels

Submitted by • July 31, 2020

Amritsar, the city of Golden Temple, perhaps with no doubt, is the culinary capital of India. Whether it's the fertile soil of Punjab or the preparation methods of food or both, whatever may be the reason, there is no denying that the food quality available in Amritsar is beyond any comparison.
No wonder why Punjabis are referred to as the true gourmets, and for them, food is everything. Who would not like to overwhelm themselves with the softness of kulcha, sweetness of jalebi, richness of lassi, crispness of fish and chicken, and whatnot?
With such great mouth-watering food in Amritsar, it is no surprise that it informally is the 'Street-food capital of India'. Let's begin a culinary voyage through Amritsar to discover its famous delicacies known the best after Golden Temple.

Guru ka Langar and Kara Prasad
To start with, Guru ka Langar and Kara Prasad of Golden Temple are the unbeaten delights one cannot miss. Cooked in one of the largest kitchens of the world, the langar prepared

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