Focus on supporting patients to wait well, Senedd committee recommends

The Health and Social Care Committee of the Welsh Parliament have published a report with several recommendations to address the rising issue of waiting time
for diagnosis and therapy in Wales.

Since Covid-19 pandemic Wales has witnessed a significant increase in the NHS waiting lists for diagnostic and therapy appointments and surgical treatment. The
report noted that the equivalent of around one in five of the Welsh population is on an NHS waiting list, and around 37 per cent of people waiting to start
treatment have been waiting over 9 months.

As part of its recommendations, the Senedd committee has asked the Welsh government to include ‘a focus on supporting patients to wait well’ in its planned care
recovery plan, in addition to setting out how the waiting times backlog will be addressed.

“It is crucial that the Welsh Government and health boards put in place robust plans to tackle the backlog, and to ensure that people receive the care and
treatment they need as soon as possible. This must include arrangements to support people who are waiting, and to communicate with them effectively so that
no one feels forgotten,” Russell George MS, chair of the Health and Social Care Committee, said.