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FrSky Transmitter X9E Reviewed by Udo

FrSky Transmitter X9E Reviewed by Udo

Submitted by • August 21, 2020

I was searching for a new frsky transmitter which should fulfill some features i had missed since my beginning of RC modelsport. My focus is on scale glider and some F3b competion models, and i wished to have more possibilities in mixer configurations than the usual, predefined menues from mid-priced transmitter gave to me. So i read all the flagship-tx manuals from well known manufacturer, tried some configuration software, but no solution was capable to satisfy my personal needs. By chance i read in a forum about the principle of "channel driven" programming of Taranis frsky transmitter without the limits of hard-coded mixer configuration. The frsky transmitter X9e would be the right choice for me because of the tray design and the (extendable) number of switches.

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