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google page rank problems

google page rank problems

Submitted by • December 27, 2013

No PageRank of Website

Problem: I have website but not getting any page rank on it, i have reasonable traffic on my website coming from social networks and some direct traffic but still Google is not giving page rank to me , don’t know why?
How’s Google Give Page Rank to Website?

In the eye of Google page rank determine the value of web pages on the internet and it’s the fact that Google appear the pages in search results.
How’s Google Determine the Value of Page?

Google assign the page rank to those pages who have the link from other sites, Each link from other site to concern site count as a mark for the site. Google consider that the page have high quality content that’s why it’s being getting the linked on other pages. These links called backlinks.
Age of Links

Google also count the age of links that how much old your site is linked in the concern website. As much old back links you will be have the rank will increase.
Quality of Links

Quality of links is the major part to get

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