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Green Tea and Green coffee | Do they really work?

Green Tea and Green coffee | Do they really work?

Submitted by • April 21, 2020

Being healthy and having perfect bodily beauty is all that each one of us is craving nowadays. Practicing daily activities like detoxifying the toxins from our body to keep the glow and good health intact is one of the major activities that all the health freaks are rushing towards. Lately, we saw our television was flooding with the advertisement of such detoxifying drinks that help to keep the body clean and flush off all that is not needed in our body to be healthy and look great. Green teas and green coffees are topping the list with the same concern. It is now like a fashion to have tea, which is green in color and even has benefits to make you healthy and thin just after a month or two of its use.
The claims for green coffee and green tea in comparison to simple water -
It claims to be a healthy, caffeine-free drink, energy booster, fat cutter and that it shall twirl the magic wand and the body will be free of toxins.

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