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Guide to Fix the CPU Usage Issue Caused by System Interrupts

Guide to Fix the CPU Usage Issue Caused by System Interrupts

Submitted by • September 5, 2020

It is quite common for your CPU to break down over time, but there are various reasons for the origin and cause of the damage. If you ever deal with the ‘System Interrupts’ process in your CPU, your computer will most likely have trouble due to the hardware. To explain it further, you will find the ‘system interrupts’ issue flashing in the Task Manager of your Windows desktop. It shows you the reports of your CPU usage and the interrupts happening on it at a lower system level.

These interruptions can be caused by the software or hardware and their processors. An interrupt is responsible for alerting the processor about a high-priority condition that requires the interruption of the current code running on the processor. To deal with this situation, the processor suspends all its activities and executes the interrupt handler. And when the interrupt handler completes its tasks, the processor goes back to normal. Thus, interrupts act as a communicator between the software and hardwar

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