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Healing with 7 Angels | Krishna Janmashtami | Powerful Events by Mr Sashikant Khamkar

Submitted by • September 10, 2019

Mr Shashikant Khamkar, the most inspirational spiritual business and life coach is coming to Lonavala's loved Treasure Island Resort from 23rd to 24th August 2019 with another life changing event Healing with 7 Angels.
You will encounter transformational and powerful meditation that will help you strengthen your soul’s light. Mr Shashikant will impart impactful techniques that will help you achieve anything in life. You will find the secret to achieve everything you have dreamed of.He believes that there is power in numbers and intends to further the fact and answer question regarding how meditating together will strengthen and birth power at the celebration of Krishna Janmashtami on 23rd and 24th.

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