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Heat Sensor Alarm in Australia

Heat Sensor Alarm in Australia

Submitted by • May 14, 2018

Heat alarms are ideal for kitchens as they detect heat rather than smoke, so aren't prone to nuisance alarms from cooking fumes. Heat alarms are less likely to cause false alarm problems as they are not responsive to any type of smoke or fumes, only heat. Because of the potential for a slower response than smoke alarms, they should only be used in a fire alarm system that also includes smoke alarms, and all of the alarms must be interconnected. The National home safety Heat Detector monitors temperature by using a single thermistor network which provides a voltage output proportional to the external air temperature. There are seven classes of heat detectors in the National home safety range designed to suit a wide variety of operating conditions. The Wireless heat Sensor allows you to easily setup notifications when the heat falls outside of your desired temperature range.

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