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How About If The Sun Was Smaller Than The Earth – Earthy Perks

Submitted by • March 24, 2020

Sun, the only star of our solar system. Its size and distance i.e. the position do matter in every way and impact life on earth. Everything in universe is about two facts, the size and the distance. Be the size of entity and the position where it lies. The size and position of sun holds a whole lot bundle of significance that has much to do with supporting life on earth and making it a habitable zone. But just imagine! If you can change the size of sun and make it something to a size smaller than earth?
Is this practically possible or theoretically viable? Changing the size of sun and bring it to a level smaller than earth is going to affect life on earth. Digging it deep to insights, for the sun to be termed as the star, it should be big enough to support all those thermonuclear reactions be it fusion reaction to take place in its core. A size smaller than earth would no longer serve the conditions for the fusion reactions and sun would be longer called as the star.
Secondly, shrinkin

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