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How Being Avenue Clever Can Save You Unwanted Bike Thefts

How Being Avenue Clever Can Save You Unwanted Bike Thefts

Submitted by • October 22, 2018

Its miles said that during India a car gets stolen every 13 minutes. Vehicle robbery, specifically the lifting of bikes, is a critical problem plaguing the world. That is in particular actual in those settings which might be consciously transferring toward the contemporary idea of clever-mobility. Motorcycle thefts are an extremely good inconvenience for commuters and residents who're all of sudden left without their personal method of transportation.

At the same time as putting in bike tracking system can pass an extended manner closer to fixing the trouble, there are a number of different approaches wherein you can prevent such unwanted thefts from taking location. One alternative you may without delay take-up is of following a simple set of guidelines.

Start by using deciding on the right spot to park your vehicle in

- Never leave your bike lying around unlocked:

Each time you park your bike somewhere, make sure which you have locked it as well

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