How to Register for AGPO Certificate Tenders in Kenya

How to Apply for AGPO (Access to Government Procurement Opportunities)
AGPO is an initiative of the GOK to register previously disadvantaged groups of people including the youth, Women and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in a bid to make able to participate in tendering for government supply contracts. In order to qualify for the AGPO program, one or a group of people require to register following the below criteria.
1. How to Qualify for AGPO Registration
The Public Procurement and Disposal (Preference and Reservations) Regulations, 2011, shall apply to procurements by public entities when soliciting tenders from the following target groups:

Disadvantaged Groups (Youth, Women, and Persons with Disability)
Small Enterprises
Micro Enterprises
Citizen Contractors
Local Contractors
Citizen Contractors in Joint-venture or Sub-contracting arrangements with foreign suppliers

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