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How to solve the problem of particle machinery

How to solve the problem of particle machinery

Submitted by • September 4, 2019

How to solve the problem of particle machinery
In the feed machinery that farmers often use, long-term operation will inevitably lead to various problems. If these problems cannot be solved in time, it will affect the work of the farm and cause unnecessary trouble to the farmers. Very bad for the normal operation of the farm.
For example, in the regular use of pellet feeders, when there is an irregular gap in the shape of the raw materials during use, it may be that the blades are not sharp enough, or the feed raw materials may leave the ring-shaped mechanical equipment, which is a little far from the original equipment. To. Because some of the feed is not cut by the blade, but is directly crushed by the machine, when the farmer's machinery has this situation, then the compression ratio of the whole machine should be increased, so that the pellet feed can be improved. The density makes the pellet feed more firm and stable, and if the surface of the pellet feed is not so smooth and flat

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