iOS 15 Supported Devices : All You Need To Know

The excitement for iOS 14 is not even over and the tech giant is already churning news for the release of its new operating system iOS 15. Many of you are eager to know the details of iOS 15 and so here we are to feed you with information.

According to reports, the new iOS 15 will come with a lot of features innovation for the iPhone. As far as we know, iPhone models starting from 7 and above will receive the update.

For those who want to know the release date of iOS 15, it is most probably going to arrive by mid-September next year, just like always. However, the unfinished version of the update is expected to be released by 7th June.

The iOS 15 beta version will first be released for developers to give them time to prepare their applications. By the end of June, the update should be available for the public for evaluation and detection of bugs. The final version will not be out before September.

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