It’s Not Your Job to Lose – Stonepigs

Recently I was asked to take some time and read The Last Column by Mr. Clark DeLeon, formerly a columnist with the Philadelphia Enquirer.

He seems to me to be a little bitter and while I do understand what it is he is complaining about, I don’t agree with his reaction nor his underlying reasoning. If he really is upset, it can only be at himself as I doubt that his employer forcibly continued the employment relationship against his will. He can only be upset that he didn’t make the choice to sever the relationship at least one day sooner. Every day, he got up and weighed his options given his personal choices in life, and the option he chose for himself was to continue providing the service for which his employer asked and for which he would receive a payment.

Perhaps he is also upset because he feels like he is in a minority and he wishes other people would make the same choices he does. Maybe he even wishes he could impose his choices on others so as to cause harm to his former employer and either teach them a lesson (and adopt his personal value system) or put them out of business altogether. Of course, that would serve only to infringe upon the liberties of others in his society.

Whatever the case, he made a choice for himself and I wish him the best of luck. It’s a great attribute of our capitalist market society (though it is very much not a ‘free’ market unfortunately – in my opinion) that he has the freedom to choose his own future path; to find other bidders for his specialized services. He obviously has continued to write so I can only assume that he continues to make choices that are making him happy.

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