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JMBOK – Where Knowledge Sharing Happens!

JMBOK – Where Knowledge Sharing Happens!

Submitted by • October 12, 2011

JMBOK is a place to access information on many different topics, including preparing for PMP certification exam, starting a new business, or how to increase your earning potential. This resource is even more powerful because you can also share best practices or any learning materials from any field, such as finance, marketing, management, IT, HR, entrepreneurship, sales, and e-commerce.

JMBOK is for individuals looking to excel in their profession, or for those seeking to explore a different career. The information, content, and resources found here will help you maximize your earning potential.

At JMBOK, you will find learning resources in different formats, including written, podcast, and YouTube. To improve the information available to you and other professionals, make sure to spread the word. As the community grows, we can expect even more knowledge to be shared among those who visit JMBOK!

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