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John Deere 5055E Price and Features

John Deere 5055E Price and Features

Submitted by • April 14, 2020

John Deere Tractors are known for their quality and cost-effective tractors all over the India. They lists tractor from the range of 400000 to 1200000 with different HP range. It is the most trusted and owned by Indian farmers for their farming necessity.

Tractor Guru is the online platform wehere listed all tractor brands and their series with price. TractorGuru understand the customer need and helps them to compare and find out the best tractor price in India of John Deere Tractors

TractorGuru introduces John Deere 5055E which is one of the series. It has a very good looking tractor with robust design. It is equipped with 3029H turbo charged engine with a 55 HP power.
John Deere 5055E has the lifting capacity of 1800 kg.


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