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Kubota mu4501 Tractor Price In India

Kubota mu4501 Tractor Price In India

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Kubota mu4501 and Kubota MU5501 4WD are the top models of the Kubota tractor brand. Kubota mu4501 has the latest features, stylish design, amazing performance, and powerful engine.

Kubota MU4501 2WD is a 45 hp tractor. Its engine capacity is 2434 CC and a four cylinders generating 2500 engine rated RPM. It has an inline pump and liquid cooled for making farming productive. Kubota mu4501 brakes are oil-immersed disc to protect the user. MU4501 2WD comes with the 60 litre fuel tank to keep the tractor in the field for long hours. Kubota tractor lifting capacity is 1640 kg to lift the heavy loads. Kubota mu4501 accessories are tool, toplink, canopy, hook, bumper, drawbar

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