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Latest india top news

Latest india top news

Submitted by • August 15, 2020

:In China, in 2002 the infectious respiratory disease “SARS” coronavirus (CORONAVIRUS) was infected.
It affected quite 8,000 people, of which about 800 died.Latest india top news

This virus, also called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), is why some people say that it transmitted to humans through a breed of camels within the Middle East.

There are many sorts of coronavirus, but there are 6 of them and seven sorts of coronavirus that’s infecting humans. Millions of people sleep in homes in several cities in China.Latest india top news

The Wuhan capital of the Chinese province of Wuhan (WUHAN) is severely suffering from the attack on the Coronavirus. City buses, metro, trains, and ferry services are pack up, with no flights available from the airport to the surface world.Latest india top news

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