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Let’s celebrate in December 2020 with bank holidays

Let’s celebrate in December 2020 with bank holidays

Submitted by • November 9, 2020

In calendar 2020, December is the month where you get maximum time to spend with your family. And again thinking of corona will help you most to spend quality time with your friends and family, but of course with wearing a mask and keeping safe.
Tuesday 01, Dec - World AIDS Day
Calendar 2020 December World AIDS Day serves to recall the individuals who have kicked the bucket from AIDS and to achieve attention to HIV/AIDS through instruction and openly held functions. HIV is an infection that assaults the body's insusceptible framework and makes it logically harder to battle germs and sicknesses. When HIV progresses and turns out to be serious to such an extent that the body's insusceptible framework is too powerless to even think about fighting off numerous contaminations and infections, it is called AIDS.
Friday 04, Dec – Indian Navy Day
Indian navy is considered the most important part of our motherland. Being into the navy and serving our country without any personal motive

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