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Let’s Get Back to Gyms Post lockdown

Let’s Get Back to Gyms Post lockdown

Submitted by • August 21, 2020

As we all know that all the Gyms were Closed till 4th of August and Got reopened today that is 5th August. Here are the 5 simple and best ways to get back into Working out after Weeks and Months of skipping.

The more time you stay away from the gym, the harder it feels to go back. If you're currently avoiding the gym because of any reasons, I would tell you to get over it and stop procrastinating. But, I know it's not that simple.

Here are some simple steps you can follow to make exercise a part of your routine again after weeks and months of avoiding the gym Due to COVID-19.

1. Accept that your body won't bounce back after one workout
If there's one thing that stops you from going to the gym, it's the overwhelming thought of how many workouts it will take me to officially get back in tip-top shape.
One 40-minute sweat isn't going to make you feel as good as it did before your gym hiatus. “Getting in shape takes months to accomplish and a week of bad eating and laziness to ruin”. Or

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