Marou – Fabulous Chocolate Packaging

At Bell, we take inspiration from world-class chocolatiers, and their ideas of innovative design and packaging for our discerning customers. Amidst a world of cheap and un-innovative packaging, we take pride in setting very high standards for our customers- the new Entrepreneurs of India. Please take a few minutes to watch the video of Marou crafting chocolates and taking extraordinary effort to design and develop fantastic packaging labels for it. We take an equivalent or perhaps an even higher degree of professional packaging effort for all our customers.

The first bean-to-bar chocolate company in Vietnam, Marou, Faiseurs de Chocolat, is conscious about the multisensory impact of chocolate. The two French chocolatiers fused Vietnamese ingredients with their French training to produce a confection that offers both visual delight and a treat for taste buds. Each bar is beautifully printed and packaged in a wrapper analogous to the colorful patterning on the beans, and is accented with gold ink and hot-foil details.