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Most Productive Pulp Machine Cost

Most Productive Pulp Machine Cost

Submitted by • November 7, 2020

Pulp machine is differentiated into types according to the uses and efficiency rates
Some pulp machines are capable of stock preparation in large amounts like 100-150 kgs, whereas some machines are built for a lesser capacity of stock handling like 25-30 Kgs. Parason pulping machines are categorized into the High Consistency Pulper, Dilution Pulper, Off-Center Pulper, and D Type Pulper.

The High Consistency Pulper rotates with an average rotation of 980 per minute and ranges from the capacity of 4 m3 to 50m3. This type of pulper uses a power supply of 90 kW up to 800 kW. The High Consistency Pulper is considered as a piece of versatile equipment for Newsprint mills, Writing & printing mills, Board mills, and kraft mills. It works on the Parason casted high consistency rotor is advantageous as it is made out of strong stainless steel construction.

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